Riotgod sparked from the inspirations of Monster Magnet's Bob Pantella and Jim Baglino while out on tour as early as 2006.

While touring with Monster Magnet provided them with some great times and afforded them the opportunity to perform around the world, each communicated a desire to express their own musical ideas.

During time off from the road, they began exploring the the creation of their own band. Bob began to lay down some ideas in 2007.

Bob while recording what would become the songs on Riotgod's first CD, also sought out musicians for the then nameless band.

Contacted first was Garrett Sweeny for guitar. Garrett had been playing and still mans the guitar for the band Psycho Daisy.

For the vocals, Sunshine was contacted, a long time friend of Bob.

Once the line-up was complete the band started to finalize the music for their initial self-produced CD.

They decided on the name Riotgod. Sunshine had been using the name for his music at one point, and there are still distant echoes of this but when Bob suggested using it -- it was agreed. Done.

The band soon played shows in NYC, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The venues would range from nationally familiar clubs such as Asbury Park's Stone Pony to a gig in a Brooklyn loft.

Touring for the band would be another story. Each member has their own musical interests and scheduling would be challenging. They took whatever opprtunities available then and still do.

Riotgod did a mini-tour in 2009, hitting the road with fellow NJ rockers The Friends of Bill Wilson. Riotgod hit the US mid-west and Canada, playing venues such as Chicago's Double Door, Detroit's Blondies, Toronto's Bovine Sex Club as well as some lesser known colorful establishments along the way.

Riotgod once used Myspace. You can also find them at Reverbnation, and Facebook.

Riotgod signed to Metalville Records and produced their second album "Invisible Empire" Riotgod touredr in February / March 2012 playing select dates in the US and Europe.

Riotgod played Wacken Open Air in the summer of 2012 as well as Saupfitz Festival In Austria plus a week of dates throughout central Europe.


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Doug Fairbanks
: Hey Kids, I'm a manager of "The Bovine Sex Club" up here in T.O. and RiotGod had to be one of the easiest bands I've had the pleasure to deal with (even with border issues) they did everything possible to help the night and the other bands (Friends of, & Hammersmith) on the bill including teardown...and then they FUCKIN' ROCKED! It can be rare that a band "plays to play". So thanks. 

~PFC King:
I got the CD you sent today (signed!), thank you so much for the support, the soldiers will LOVE listing to your music as we head out to, and fight in, the desert.

The Pilgrims x Cool tunes fella, can't wait for the tour, see you guys in a bit innit! Cheers

Morgan: Hey thanks for contacting me I'm a huge Monster Magnet fan and now a RiotGod fan.You guys remind me of old Soundgarden awsome shit! Best of luck!

Jeremy: Love the tunes! A friend told me about you and I can't wait for the official CD to be released. Any idea when that will be?

Hamboussi:I want to record you guys! Check out my studio in Brooklyn...

Sbrojoe: Hey guys you rock !!!! You're my favourite band and i love the way you create heavy 'n' angry songs ! I want you here in Italy ! P.s: Can i have a shot of Jim's pedalboard ? Bye and keep on rockin so fuckin'hard !

Gegroet A. 2.35 in the morning overhere and I can't sleep so I am passing thru for some soothing melody. Your tunes help me to remember and expect. Thanks man.

I'm giving up the Motley Crue show at pnc to go see Riotgod!!

The album sounds great! (J*B handed me one of yer 13 track promo-copies)

OK, I've listened to your fantastic tunes so how do I get my hands on a CD? You rock, guys.

sounds killer!!!!